You are a refugee and would like to take part in the Offener Hörsaal?

Our project is aimed at refugees and asylum seekers with an academic background who live in the Basel region. At individual meetings, before the semester starts, we take the time to explain the participation requirements and the courses offered to  those who are interested in taking part.

Closing date for applications:

Fall semester 2017 (September – December): closed, no new applications
Spring semester 2018 (February – June): Until January 2018 the latest

If you would like to participate, please contact us

Besides the Offener Hörsaal there are numerous other projects which support refugees, for example the Sprachcafé Basel or Sur le Pont. For an overview of other projects, please visit FFF Basel (Freiwillige für Flüchtlinge).

If you do not live in the Basel region, the following universities offer similar programmes:

Universität Bern
Universität Freiburg (Deutschland)
Université Genève
Universität Luzern
Universität Zürich
ETH Zürich