Support Us

As a student association (> see articles of association, in German) we rely on people’s involvement and support.

Get involved directly

If you would like to get involved, there are different ways in doing so: You can become a Buddy and accompany participating refugees; you can become a member of the team and help us with the organization of the Offener Hörsaal. In any way, please feel free to contact us:

..or support us financially

Only thanks to the financial support of our donors are we able to cover the financial cost of  the participants’ auditor fees.

Students of the University of Basel can contribute by becoming student association members for 20 CHF. Everybody else can contribute as a patron for 100 CHF or contribute by donating any other donation amount.

For 120 CHF a participant can take one university course as an auditor.
For 240 CHF a participant can take a language course in an academic setting.

If you would like to support us in any of the above mentioned ways, please contact us ( or donate to:

Offener Hörsaal, 4003 Basel
IBAN CH70 0839 0034 4284 1010 6

Alternative Bank Schweiz, Amthausquai 21, 4601 Olten
PC 46-110-7 / Clearing: 8390 / SWIFT: ABSOCH22XXX